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Sunday, 8 March 2009


Hasten the pace of scientific dizziness
Safety comes first shout the craze of scantiness

The Rhymes still take me back to a world of pre-school
Later on in life do I realize these inclinations were way too pure

Nothing seems to set on the horizon as to mild childishness
A Journey to roll out as the bus goes from “Gurgaon” too indefiniteness

The prelude with an uncanny uncertainty alighting and boarding at once
An interlude seemingly clich├ęd with the board screaming “Ballabghat”

The hot sun burning deep a sense of satisfaction so clandestine
A warm siesta pouring free with cries of “Jai Ho!”

Aloft the trance of time as deep as the rabbit hole was I
Awaiting me was the essence of home still afresh

Atop the mountains of bliss I carried on as the clock struck 00:00
A sweet nites sleep gathered warm memoirs of the world zippin by

And then the time came to say goodbye alas
Inevitable but m takin home wid me a smile which is gonna last
Driven to where I held up sanity, starin at the board Gurgaon again
Prancing along wid a can of dew nd glancing at souls seemed just

Lent a handful sheen of atomic particles id call Air
Toxic say some but id say a breath isn’t too costly

The cries of dartmanjan and exotic oils and chaats still ring strong
Noise that should wake me up from a silent tantrum but still

Encore was my spine rested hard on this canvas I rested
Until a score of humans run thru my soul askin me to pick up and offer

Endin up on a beam rite next to the pilot aint soundin too bad
The rumblers en-route my destination ravaged my symphony

Make way for those who alight called my spirit and so I did
Alas my soul disembarks and fights a burnin day

The journey was eventful and yet so calm
The sambar and my spirit feel jus lukewarm!!

Ajay Padattil

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