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Saturday, 28 February 2009

The S!

Seamless beauties this life has to offer far and wide
Scarce seems the subtle horses of these diagonals

Stiffness aint the battle of these dreams
Since these times the sound of sanity seems distant

Silently killing dreams of mankind was the apple inevitable
Smirking at existence was the Pandora’s supple box of promises

Swift as this serenity of scruples promise my soul
Stillness of this wave dance wide and far

Sill of this flute playing the notes fairly supernatural
Sail on this differential say many a few

Sigh! Goes the tyrant of Neptune so close
Sane sounds ringing no bells close to sanctity

Swing & Sway shouts the immaturity of this epithet
Silencing this night still sounds a daft unreal!

Ajay Padattil

Distant Sarcasm!

Stifled and wailing goes these days so traid
Smothered by the fluffy sails weigh these brittle mettle

Mastering the sands of baffling scarcity with audacity
Lifting the parades of this carnival seems so distant

Later in the canisters of plasma this later seems
Scaling the heights of destiny this rather proceeds

Saline seems the distant tunnel of cardinality
Loathing seems a crazy thing of solidarity

Live on!! screams the bronze of severity
Threatening the very existence of sarcasm life brays on

Laughing at this curbs lasting essence of this tunic
Drafting lasting drowsy flimsy staffs aint a sweep so nasty

Lay down and scrape the sinister saddle
Lost and Found sound the beguls of TIME.!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Placid Dreams!

A life of distant dreams to go past and whistle
Simplicity of these human souls to battle with

Crazy sounds the bristle of this life and beyond
Monochrome says the inspiration of illusions

Vivid glory beneath this scarred rainbow
Science wouldn’t be held a blessing in disguise

Scattered masts held high up the horizon nevertheless
Mastering the waves gushing past with fishes to sing still

Oscillations of the time run backwards I wish
When dreams would start at square one and never seem to end

Dats the world I would wish for but a Bedouin
Nomadic adrenaline never seem to drink its thirst

Pulses racing by and the heart thumps to a halt
Pleased to be here and nine more to Live!

Ajay Padattil

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Jaded sounds way too real to foresee
Scabbath sold the sword to me unforeseen

Aint the distance braided I would so tell
Stiff are the shadows and magnanimous the world

Lord o Lord I guess this was the destiny of this hilt
Swift drift cant be isolated as thy scrutiny

Words craft a sentence millions deep
We aint going nowhere but draftin scaffolds.?

Blossoms and sunflowers sway to the star
Huge as it is… but cant you drape this planet?

Too many Y’s asked but so smashingly unreal
Some nonsense but others yearning for justice

Take this in your stride so scarred
Run away is an option.. Stay and Celebrate!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tick Tock!

Presto! Here goes the time and withering dreams
Look back sometimes aint gud to hold walnuts back

Beasty seems the line of fire tonite
Hefty speaks the swine of life and scantily true

Twining of distance looks fathomless still
Standardizing sands aint a solution to drowsiness

Take a call on this very shanty prism of fortune
Bleeding daintily not sufficing this purpose

Daft goes the tick tock of gallants
Tyranny seems to rule the aimlessly unfortunate

Clattering sounds sweep past so silently
Controversial politics aint the dice for ludo

Gamble as u wish to make lanes drift
Heed to the inevitable flint of this wick nevertheless!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 13 February 2009

Tannin to candlelite!

Staring into the breathlessness of this sinister calmness
Blossoms gone by and still hanging in there waitin for a twist in time

Simplicity used to an age old concept when tannin was considered a taboo
Complexity grows as time gazes into the unknown peril of adam

Lazing around past work to candle lites is the mercury behind silica
The idiot box takes over the film rollin out the chaotic “Action” but still

Strangely withered bodies try to still keep the spirits in rewind
The other side of the coin dreams of a day when the stars shimmer in glory

Toast! The supernatural accolades still lie strong with his creations.
An Epithet to moving times sure leave the feelings in a capsule so glorious

This Cradle of wind sure blows in pure and blissful sonnets of love
Running out of words still seem to speak a million words.

A Day to arrive! Dreams and wishes to cherish pace by knocking
Spirits of this day travelling far and beyond into the unforeseen bliss..Hop On!

Ajay Padattil

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rotation… Should it be.?!

What is the earth rotated the other way.?! Would the magnetic field dar rules the entire universe stop just to say hello.??! Would the whole concept of interplanetary existence go to the dogs…!? Or tyrants.?! …
Questions that foxed the entire sanity of mankind forever and now.! Does sound like a real time irony.. I don’t even know if dat was grammatically right.. but yea wots grammar got to do wid all this.?! Sumthing… not everything … Id still stick to one whole concept dat even if it rotates the way it did now… ders always the brighter side of life.
Aint deviating form the topic dat we started out here… wot if the rotation was the whole other way round.?! Hey… u could interrupt me whenever u want… monologues sucks I must say.!!! Aaah adding that “s” in “monologues” took me three backspaces now.! Hahaha!....
Dats wot im talkin about… y do v all look back into wot life has to offer… v look ahead yea.? Every human does for dat matter.. dats again coz the whole circle of life goes one way… nd v look to another … if v were to live in reverse..?! wot would be the absolute fate of human sanctity.?!
The whole idea of a man being born and living his whole life watchin things go by till his death bed sounds kinda illogical… why do we have to jus watch things go by.?! Live it… Just one dat you’ve been a part of.!
Magnetic poles…… rotatin within the inner core as one of my frenz would agree wid me brilliantly goes against the wind of the entire concept of the rotation of the core dat v all once had conceived to be the ultimate truth of how mother earth holds its continents and its elements together.! How was it known dat the north pole was the north pole and the south the south.?! NSEW… is dt how we demarcated lands unknown.?! Where did des demarcations originate.?!
Still feels like a monologue..!!! I guess I cant do nethin bout it.. at least dis nite yea.?! If the earth dat we know it today was to rotate the other way.. probably a cure for the very elemnt of jealousy and corruption would degenerate wid time.! Probably the whole essence of watchin your life go by would jus be a myth.! Probably we wouldn’t be having this conversation..!
The myth that human life is about to end takes a whole lotta lives wid It I mus say… its not only the humans… it the entire universe dat v call Milky way dat would cease to exist.. imagine the sun burnin out.?! Imagine the moon absorbin all the light dat it had to reflect and the whole earth detained unto darkness.?!
Its dat…… happenin to entire mankind rite now… I wouldn’t say m analysin the situation(an institution of law)..u got the right to remain silent and crap!... y should u.?! we haven’t torn apart law.?! Mankind could still forsee..!
History would never have been called history if it dint happen in the past… wot if past was the future.?! We were lookin backwards… ?!

Too many questions on this one….. Unanswered would be one way id put….! I guess v all have been faced with des questions many a time in life… but v never actually bothered to wonder…
Well I guess I should leave it at dat den..! as I say..!!” Ur wish is my command”…

Ajay Padattil

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dreams & Beyond!

Dreams and beyond sounds a lot like how a wind gushes by and you don’t even realize wot hit you.!
Haven’t you had dat feeling before dat sumthin u actually feel has touched you and fleeted away without u knowin when where or y.?! Déjà vu define sum… An experience is wot many others address it as.! Giving a name to sumthin doesn’t seem to fill in the bracket for me.!
Sumbody playin the notes of music crystal clear, doesn’t seem to ring a bell with the human perceptionary indices.! It wouldn’t, coz there are so many others who feel the mere sense of existence lies with the sense of feel, emotion and cannibalism.!
Cannibalism could take many a form here.! Eatin ne entity dat exists as an individual also would be classified as a form of cannibalism.! IPC 123…sumthin… aint knowin the law.. but yea.. I guess the human soul would definitely second me on that.!
But missing the i.?! what we started off as a monochromatic world beyond realms unknown to mankind kinda turned into a place where checkers would sound like a game.!
Colorful vivid imaginations beyond worlds unknown seem to captivate the minds of these individuals I call humans . This is an intriguing concept as millions of beings (except humans) would be dreaming the very same dreams, failing to realize that concurrence wouldn’t be way beyond their reach. The humans that they look up2 (not for their size and mental capability) also think on the same lines! A breach in the thin framework of time.? Or a small lil incision in the whole wheel of fortune.?! It still remains an undecipherable phenonemenon.!
Color or monochrome, the world where these dreams take you seem to b unreal, magnificent, fantabulous say sum.! A world where you live a life of imaginations and fantasies… beyond the reach of a normal human existence. A place that all the things you ever wanted to do, come true… a place where u fly and there are a million others waitin to look up and say… here I am… hold on… il show u the world.!
Dazzling spirits dainted with pure unadulterated fragrance captivating the very essence of livelihood. Heavy.?! Yea …. Aint dreams dat way.?! Hard to understand but leaves a lasting impact I must say. And iv heard a lot of background scores dat play along with this… Wild chase scenes and mystery stuff.. A pleasantly lighted up sky playin the blues. All these coincide to bring one fact to our cerebellum.. Life has to be lived in this way.. Live the dream bubble.. Reality would strike..but play along.. an everlasting momento… I call life!
Ajay Padattil

Friday, 6 February 2009

Life &After

Iv been toying with this idea for long now…. A lotta ppl actually speak of this whole white bright light coming out of an unknown source luring them into the unforeseen. What could this light be..? a misconception or just another heavenly call saying your duties on my planet are over.?!
Life after death seems a sure mystery to one too many on this planet dat I so lovingly call EARTH.. many proclaim it to be round and spherical oblate and stuff. But I guess the world comes around to exactly the same point where it all started… a sphere or a square… all the diagonals seem to kinda ring concurrency to a point of illogical coincidence…. The SAME.!!
We talk about the life now and the life after death.. heaven and hell to be precise.. but temme one thing.. don’t u find it really intriguing to wonder if uv actually got heaven and hell on this sweet lil planet of ours…?
This brings us to another point of debate which id love to call perception.! A white light, d human way of life, a square, a spherical oblate.. all of this does lead to sumthin as imaginary as the equator or the wind or god for that matter. It’s the same side of the coin that u actually believe exists…. U cant feel it… but u know its there.
I aint creatin a blog for blasphemy here. All m tryin to put across is imagination is a canvas for vivid portrayal of the human emotions, but how many of us actually look up2 wot is true and wot Is not? Seems really nonsensical… if there is a word like that.
But again when we actually get our cerebrum to think about the life after death, one mite wonder where did the whole law of energy not being destroyed go for hitchhiking.?!
Standin unto the law of physics wouldn’t seem like a lack of brilliance or an absence of vaccum for me.! Coz for millions of years people think that Death seems to end the very purpose of existence of a human life. Wot if there was another side to it..? a Brighter side. I aint preaching the positives of death here . Just tryin to view this as another one of those idiotic perceptions I guess.. heheheh.
Wot if Death was just another form of life.?!
Wot if Death was one thing that transformed the whole view of life.?!
And finally to the million DOLLAR question.. wot if AFTERLIFE was just another journey into the unknown.?!
So finally it comes down to this… Wot could afterlife probably unravel!?
A Life of unforeseen activities kinda brings us humans to this crossroad which goes to sumplace better. Its always been within humans to look up2 sumthing dat was way better than the state they are in now. Like wise men say “ Its human to want more” and so true .
Well how much would life baffle u if it speaks back to you and says. Uv lived me, now what if I live u.?! The “it” I was referring to earlier is “LIFE”. Would you give it a chance.?!
How does it sound when sumbody would actually tell u , the life u r living is jus a form of energy and nothing else.. Its like you are in transit.. U got a Visa… but u aint havin a residential one. You can walk rite thru it but cannot live it to your will.?!
An Energy say sum cannot be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.?
True.?! Probably…. Or Probably not.!..
Id second the first one nevertheless, coz u always kinda keep upgrading to what you have been in this very second.! Looking up sounds like philosophy.!?
Think bout living your life in a cycle which is the exact reverse of what you have been taught life is all about.?! Tracing back ur life rite from when uv been In your times ppl call “ Childhood revamped” to your actual “Childhood” , id say nebody wishes to live two years in the past from now.! Did the feel of Energy being dissipated ever strike you… the normal way.?!
Whims of a mind travellin fathoms in the night say some.
Brightness of the day say many so done.
Wouldn’t stop the humans so Grand
This is life and afterlife thus so Bland.!
As I would see it, the law signifyin ” Energy cannot be destroyed. It can Jus be transformed from one form to another” stays strong. We Come into the world in one particularly distinct form, we live our lives out as another particular form, we cease to exist in another and v leave this abode in search of a better craft in yet another form. Thus our existence , has always been a source of inspiration to other forms of energy, be it human, animal or any other entity for that matter.! Thus Live it Up. Every Atom speaks a million words. Alive or Quasi-Alive or in another world.!
A small little ball of energy which goes all the way from rite when u were born till when u cease to exist to when ur in a totally different world.! This is the Life and the Eternal life that I would be drafting for me.! Any Takers.?!
Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Shadows of Life!

The shadows of life come in line with the stream of light. To this day I still wonder why there isn’t a single damn organism in this world which would like to breathe free. This reminds me of the age old script from the movie I once watched… “The Matrix”. There was a lot of truth revealed in this movie which was entirely fictional. The entire concept of the movie revolved around a person in our world trying to discover the actual purpose for which he was created. Creation is something that is made out of an already existing entity, either a wholly new composition or a blend of the best of multiple entities. Thus this holds true for every organism that walks, crawls, flies this earth. It all started, as my ancestors who walked this earth before me would say, with the BIG BANG. The whole universe was one at that particular point in time. And the BIG BANG divided the universe into smaller but efficient pieces composed of the very same material that it was initially made of. These elements found their comfort zone in different parts of the universe and settled in places that we know as galaxies right now. I might not be a scientist to actually talk about the intricate details about scientifically and politically perfect stuff, but I do know that even the non living organisms (Not Things), as I would like to call them, found a comfort zone for themselves in the very same mother nature as we live and breed in during the present day. Coming back to the point, the movie talks about a journey of this man born a human into a dream world where everything seems to be perfect (Life as we see it today), but feels there is a missing element somewhere. This missing element could actually hold the key for humans to distinguish between the dream bubble that they would like to live in and the harsh reality that they would like to ignore. This man further goes ahead and digs deep into the rabbit hole to actually know what life has in store for him. He is then contacted by a certain voice, a man who calls himself Morpheus. Morpheus is introduced as a guiding star, a voice who would guide Mr. Neo into the land unknown to neo but is the actual epitome of harsh reality as he would have it. The Universe as we know it did end up in a comfort zone, but these weren’t just random points in space. Each of these elements that broke away from the initial Mother Ball was definitely guided by a voice like Morpheus giving them choices as to RED PILL or the BLUE PILL. The Red Pill and Blue pill are used in the movie as paths to either the harsh reality or to go back to sleep and live the dream bubble. The Elements would have definitely had a predefined path to where they exist as we know them today. Planets, Galaxies, and all the other bodies that we know of do have predefined co-ordinates in space against their names. Neo decided that reality would be his baby & chose the red pill and he was transported into a land of shambles where humans were being enslaved by machines for the purpose of their survival and domination of humans. He was faced with a huge task of saving the very last human planet alive named Xion. The reality of human life also belongs to the machines as we would know of it probably 15 yrs down the lane. In fact these times too, I cant think of a human who could imagine life without a motor, a Television , A Computer, the Internet a other machines to name a few. These machines have become an integrated part of the very living essence of mankind today. “Mechanically yours” seems to be the cry of this race of humans. These machines seem to have taken away the basic connection that a human felt for a fellow human being. People seem to have been drawn apart by the very thing that he was proud for a few years back. The movie goes on to talk about how Neo has to make more choices along the way and in the end he saves Xion(The last Human Planet) by sacrificing himself for the same. Humans should work towards saving the last planet, In fact the only planet that we have today so that we wouldn’t have to face the same situation as Mr Neo did in the end. We should look into matters of Peace and also stop the depletion of the environment as we do today. The BIG BANG happened for a reason, Earth was born on that day. We should hand over the planet to our future generations as beautifully as we received it. Give and take respect should be the call of the hour. In these days humans have forgotten the basic necessities of life namely food, shelter & clothing. Luxuries seem to have taken over all of these basic needs of humans. The greed for power has blinded man from realizing the truth from a dream. The greed for land leaves many men homeless and starved to death. What happened to the fulfillment of these basic necessities for humans I ASK.!? Humans should regain that love, peace & humanity that did exist not very long back. Where have we made a mistake? Why has all these been forgotten.?!
I would like to end this on a sweet note. Citing something from a movie called “Evan Almighty”.
God Comes down and asks Mr. Evan (Who wants to make the world a better Place) to Build an ARK. Mr. Evan resists initially but things happen and in the end he is a real old man when he finishes building the ARK. After he saves the world, He asks god as to why he asked him to build an ARK and how is this helping to make the world a better place. And then God Says
“A RANDOM act of KIDNESS” is what the ARK symbolizes and it does make the world a better place.
Thus I would ask every human to show jus a Random act of kindness and the world be a much better place to live in.!


Tadaaaaa! Says the world so malign
I can decipher half of the things iv seen on these roads

Aint sayin wot the world should mean to me
Looking at how the world stares at you tonite

Culture say some and tradition say the others
Define this to me, wasn’t the dream too nightmarish?

Think beyond these realms that the core has to offer
Praise the future and the present dat gifts u the unseen

If life was ever to be a cradle in time so forgone
There wouldn’t be me or you living this bloated drone

Artificial sounds clamber all over these tainted walls
Blabber all you want but u aint escaping these sounds blaring soft

Still Id say this is the planet to live and live in again
Coz the other galaxies sure r exciting but aint no humans like here!
Ajay Padattil


On the brink of Lifestyle switchin places
In the shrink of time ballast bringes

Trifle strife trouble dreams to forgive
Bristol harnesses aren’t too Gretel

Fairy Tales &blossom flowers scream none
Stingy humans &fate bray true to no one

I wouldn’t part a history down so dreary
Prickle plasma is the stiffness on the contrary

Cannibals walking this earth so true
This generation can’t whistle this mere tune

Octaves of these lives so bland
A higher pitch is too much for mankind

Talk bout these times foreseen
Beat these (tragedies). Impossible is benignly under clean!!
Ajay Padattil


Running fast from this disjunct life of solidarity
Sense creeping slowly into this blast of reality

Long gone were the brays of this sad giving
Living for myself was a past of these bells ringing

Progressed with this life say yet so many
Dreams to fly & travel &for forgiving

No man would tread past these goals unseen
Forage into the blissful future & Land foretold

Drafting the sun with a Angle of technology
Drifting slowly were the humans with a will to immortality

Why is this negativity in life treated with this trajectory?!
The lines get longer but the nite tells the same ol story

Comprehension was ever so bad for these souls so blind
Comprehending the past were ever so difficult for these humans

Look ahead into the reality untold & so foretold
Nostradamus was shunned as an idiot & burnt blindfold

As I plead to the world so thrust into the darkness
Look ahead & please the humanity but I still remain fourfold.

Ajay Padattil

Bygones to dis day!

Strap on u aint gettin away too far with it this time
Brace down on the futures of this life and beyond

Scrupulous shadows breathe heavy on this tune
Scaffolding dreams bray hold on the free lanes

Cant say where the start of this story is
Aint in the mood for a sophisticated ephitet

Singin songs of glory in the past were cannibals
The bygones were bygones and so forseen

Far and wide were the lands to be discovered
Trifle happiness aint too kind on this one of a kind

Cranberry stuff still lurks in the purple dark
Black is black but is that the absence of light.?

Trivial dances come too far this day but tomorrow
Yesterday was a new day and so is today.!!

Ajay Padattil

So Far!

Fathoms of sand to burrow in line
Millions of seethin worms to pass by

A Trail of breeze whizzin by this time
Crazy wilderness sing the tunes of denial

Frost clingin on to the Vehicles still dry
Heat simmering from the Ice cream meltin sly

Tempers risin high and storms begin to grieve
Mankind still believes the hands of the unknown

A miracle is what every being expects at least
Bathe in the glory of this world one day I will

As you sow so shall you SLEEP
Here beneath the sil I shall creep
As you sow so shall you SLEEP
A gust of wind my knees too steep
As you sow so shall you SLEEP
Brace in time and I am too Deep

Aint the end of the world as we know it today
A day shall come when we shall be free.

Hastened footsteps hinder the human brain
Mindless hearts foray into the world of pain

Fleeting by are the sins of glory
Blastin past are the tunes of war

This pace aint getting this man too far
Stop By and a glance at wot vve done so FAR!
Ajay Padattil


Lifting the humans from these sins
Haven't been a walk on ice for him

Sanity begins to breach the walls unseen
Insanity Rules to this day beyond realms

Sweat it out say some humans within
Beat it down scream the animals crying

Play the words & tunes so fine
benign cant be all the tie & shine

Swift is the glory of these worlds foreseen
Lot of joy yet to be felt & to be sen

Centuries gone by & yet we lie so low
A Sin is forgiven but how I dunno!!

Ajay Padattil

The Past & Now!

As this is another one of em
Playing the notes write am I

Boxes shifting but love the life say Sita
Rama says play the wife Rite

The Horses run swift, but aint too good
Brotherly feelings surpass the total bliss

Human sweetness surpass the diviness
Siya Rama, you aint rite always

Mystery & lonliness haunt the divine
Human we are & so do the same

Beg & Alms were a thing of the past
Historical stuff in our realms but now

Penning down things of the past
Reality strikes but do you live it.?!

Ajay Padattil


Lord O Lord, Peace be with me
Play the sickness, Play the bliss

Souls of this day, no way on this one
Dunno what I should pen down, but yes

Pro I might not be, by mythology I swear
The bridge of life, staying this way

Bring down this one, say this stuff
Don’t blow on this one, Kalyug is me

I aint swearing on this one, but now
Writing this one on this nite

Manuscript say some, but stupidity the others
Understanding this one is far from the truth

Singing this one is the effect of DILLUSION
Illusion is another aspect of Liveliness

Drunk I might be, drifting lanes I am
Wrong I am, but in the end say I aint wRIGHT!!

Ajay Padattil


Feeling of this world whizzing by
Swelling of the stench swifting sly

Blast from the past is a thing of the future
Living life to the fullest is the need of the present

Loving the ocean aint reflecting the blue in the sky
Living the moment aint replacing the feeling of heaven

Pricey people swarm alarmingly with time
Choosy birds fly swiftly with Sense & Pride

Too long it has been havin a true ball of a time
Furlongs away this still looks but divine

Fried & Toasted brings the dead back to life
Love & Below brings joy into the sight

Standing tall & benign and yet so canine
Breathing full of great words play this wisdom

Questions of this time aint too relevant
Answers of the future aint worth the thought

Denial of this world & beyond so strong
We are humans too, forget & be wrong..!!

Ajay Padattil


Drifting with the screen of shaft in gloom
Sounds of the breeze swinging so smooth

Heat takes a toll on pure human life
Darkness of the room stagnates below

Rhyming things was a thing of the past
Flying by was a thing just before the present

Gifted I would say were the souls out here
Divine & glorified is the atmosphere in here

Calm & soothing are the voices of the demons
Holding on to the strings of this pen were sermons

Hymns & prayers could save the hour
Work is what id ask for rather.

Ajay Padattil

To Much To ask!

Chaos & Cluttering sound their bellows
Claustrophobic souls play their mellows

Maladies of life stringing without a sign
Philosophies of this song standing benign

Play with words & smoky dreams
Beyond the holds of myself & the enlivens the cream

Carpets & Chairs sway one end to another
Voices of humans playing nothing to dither

Swoon says the noise of the Air conditioner
Winds aint up but the sounds a soother

Here I stand with this pen in my hand
Is 5 minutes too much or life to ask?

Ajay Padattil

Kingdom Of Truth!!

Freedom from the strings of this rose
Thorns are sewn together with a bow

Brisk is the pace of this land unseen
Fathoms to traverse & Depths to travel alone

Swift as the strengths begin to wither
Frost clinging strong as the icicles gather

The Kingdom of truth yet to reveal itself
The Boredom of sin yet to bereave itself

Smooth as the flow of breeze may be
Shrill as the shriek of the wind would be

Minutes of breathing burrows a glistened smile
Finished with this time dear friend of mine

The light at the end of the tunnel aint visible
The sweetness of another sun still aint recognizable

Tons of sins & still more to come
The rose is what I call life of what to become

Ajay Padattil


Filling my lungs up with a chill unseen
Wonder where I go to no land foreseen

Being alone on this cloud of virtual reality
Sanding Still as the Bay of Brutality

Drained away stays all this energy so clean
Drenched in blissful glory this world still green

Mastering the art of virtual reality was I
Beyond the realm of reality up so high

Ever wondered how this world would be this way
Without the rose & thorns could so sway

This is a confession id like to make
Know nothing but id still love to Play.
Ajay Padattil


Blisters on my foot shining Strong.
Shining velvet dazzles with a throng.

Dazzling jewels shimmering without a fight.
Shimmer shouts the drapes in bright light.

Brightness speaks the soul so beautifully
Soulful is the spirit of the smoke so brightly.

Smoky still feels the end of this white Toad
Whitish is the light alas so damn bold

Lightly chill is the smell of human spirit
Humane should be the alcohol & the feel beneath.

Stench of molasses strung deeply within
A day of bacteria & ethylene to live in.

Ajay Padattil.


Trance was the tune of the moment
Brace was the cry for the future.

Distant seemed the end of this Road
Pristine felt the touch of those Bold.

Fluttering with the clouds were the birds
Ceiling & the Feeling of Joy were the orders.

Attend this ball with a sense of belonging
Pretend to fly when the time is at a standstill.

Longer grows the sentence of this life & beyond
Faster runs the hands of time & so fond.

Guess this is another waste of a poem
Buzz…y don’t you go & get em.

Ajay Padattil


Brisking by my tearful Woes
Drifting By my soulful vows

Thrifty was the biscuit of gold
Frosty was the fruit of the cold

Snow flakes yearning to float
Bow now daring to stand out.

Misty was the road so far
Clear would be the line no bar

Crazily flowing with the winds of fortune
Aimlessly lying around & playing a small tune.

Swimming in the perfume of sorrow
For Humanity I still shall borrow

Ajay Padattil.


Brown was this pen to be found
Blue was this page to be Crowned

Swift sways the final print so sound
Adrift swings the breeze unbound

Brisk was the pace of humans
Crisp was the synth of demons

Far & Beyond cries the sailor
Near & Surround croons the singer

Music flow so smooth inline
Beats strung up in this stand of time

Distant seems the lands so close
Here I am singing an ode of the gallows.
Ajay Padattil


Drafting the press of lines in the winter
Drawing smoothly from the wind so brighter

Photography from the lens of time so Cold
Philanthropy was the swing of the season so Bold

Bleeding ink was my pen so Crude
Blowing fine was the furnace so Brute

Zeal of this season with xmas swaying over
Zest of this season ends ushering in the New Year

Meek was the thread of life so gloomy
Must was the kneel of time so fiery

Gone were the days of draught with glaze
Glee was the sound of bells & fires Ablaze!!!

Ajay Padattil

Was I ?

Posing with the showers of dust was I
Prancing with the engines of dawn was I

Whistling the tunes of teas was I
Whining for the time to go by was I

Racings the wheels of fortune was I
Ramming against the paper was I

Fluttering the winds of life was I
Flickering the channels of time was I

Aborting the routines of sleep was I
Alarming the reigns of humans was I

Standing under the fiery sun was I
Shivering still in the freezing cold but hold on CAN I??

Ajay Padattil

Hop Aboard!

We were lying aboard a fire of snow
Dues are dying without a drone 2 follow

Brisk are the winds passing by
Frisk shouts the bouncer now dry

Emerald are the sights within this school
Blue screams the lights & still we drool

Life is what we get to witness inside
Loads of trees & cars bustling outside

Still I stand here neither in nor out
Wondering whether is this what life is about??
Ajay Padattil


Blown away was the cloud so blue
High the skies birds flew

Essence of roses fills the heart with glee
Trot of the horses & farms so dreary

Brisk was the blot of this ink
Dusk setting in with the dawn so pink

Flaming was the sun above my head
Freezing was the moon as we wallowed ahead

The Blue Screen staring straight in our face
Wine & Dine soothes the soul with grace

Follow the mind and heart so sweet
Hope we stare & return home still Unbeat.

Ajay Padattil